Critical Care Nutrition at the Clinical Evaluation Research Unit (CERU)

We, the Clinical Evaluation Research Unit based at the Kingston General Hospital, are an academic research organization that provides expertise in research and quality improvement initiatives in acute care medicine.


We engage in a broad range of research activities that ultimately lead to:

  • An improvement in the quality of life of seriously ill patients and the satisfaction with care of their families.
  • For those at the end of life, an improvement in the quality of their experience and that of their families.
  • Increased efficiency in our health care system.
  • Increased clinical research capacity of our institution and of our partners.


We see ourselves conducting innovative, cutting-edge scientific clinical research that has a high impact on the health outcomes of the patients we study and along the way; we are building a sustainable research infrastructure.


Quality Work:  We aim for excellence as judged by ourselves, our peers, sponsors, and other partners across the world.

Honesty, integrity and ethical behavior: We honor the position of trust we hold and will work in a fashion consistent with the standards of good clinical practice and be respectful of others.

Innovation:  We are open-minded to new ideas, projects and approaches.

Team Work:  We value and respect our relationships with each other and strive to work together, helping each other accomplish our goals where necessary.  We want to maintain a positive balance in our emotional bank account with one another.

A Collaborative, Multidisciplinary Environment:  We value the support and interaction with our colleagues from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

Continuing Education of Staff:  We provide the means by which our staff can continually renew themselves, improving their skills and knowledge.

Training New Clinical Scientists and Researchers:  We provide an environment and infrastructure whereby we can nurture new investigators.

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